Finds from the Vogelherd cave


Photo: Hilde Jensen, University of Tübingen

The mammoth is a rounded sculpture of an adult animal. The trunk was broken from the sculpture while it was still in use and before it became interred. Nevertheless, the miniature can be defined as a male mammoth because of the elaborate carving of its bulky head. The fore and hind extremities are perforated. These perforations are not polished, so it may be that the figure was not worn as a pendant, but instead was sewn to a garment. The mammoth shows numerous notched cross marks as well as lines of dots and notches.

5,0 cm
3,1 cm
2,2 cm
Vogelherd, Stetten, Germany
The original carving is in the Museum Schloss Hohentübingen, Tübingen, Germany

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